Whats For Dinner??

7 Feb

I never know ahead of time what I’m making for dinner. Ever. I’m just never going to be that super organized mother who has menus planned out for the whole week. I’m on a quest to find relatively easy things for dinner that don’t require 50 different ingredients or tons of time to make. I have one thing that I can whip up fast that everyone in my house likes-



1 bag egg noodles ( the thick kind)

1 family size can cream of mushroom soup

1 can peas, drained

4 cans tuna, drained

1 cup milk

Topping of your choice: My kids don’t like anything on top so I usually don’t bother, but I’ve used crushed french onions or Fritos and it was pretty good.

Spices: garlic powder or salt, pepper, ground red pepper


Preheat oven to 350.Cook the noodles according to the package….go on the low side of the cooking time. Drain noodles and mix all ingredients except for topping. Sprinkle desired amount of spices. Add topping and cook between 25-30 minutes.


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