Worst time for a food blog!

7 Feb

The timing of my adventures in cooking could not have come at a worse time…..vacation is in about 4 months and we all know what that means. Bathing suits. Ahhhh! Usually when I’m trying to lose weight I try not to think about food, but right now its all around me. The blogs I’m reading, recipes I’m looking up, cookbooks, websites etc, etc. Food. Yummy, delicious, fattening, ooey gooey going-straight-to-your-ass food. The smart thing to do would be to look up healthy, fat-free recipes and make those. But that’s not what this cookbook is about. There will be times I will show substitutions to make it healthier, but the majority of the food will be made with real butter, sugar, eggs, etc. So I guess I’m going to learn that its not necessary to eat 3 pieces of a cake to review it. I’m sure just a bite or two would be plenty. Sigh.
Anyway, I’m in the mood to find a really rich, delicious, sinful dessert to make. I guess my job could be worse:)


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