10 Feb

I had high hopes for this cheesecake… beautiful New York style cheesecake with Nutty bar crust and chocolate ganache topping. Sounds good right? It would have been had it not come out crispy. Yep, I said crispy. First of all, the recipe said to bake for 12 minutes at 550 degrees…..I didn’t know my oven went up that high. I was really apprehensive, but I figured I should follow the instructions. After the 12 minutes I was to turn the oven down to 200 degrees for 1 hour. Let me just say that I watched this cheesecake like a hawk. At the first sign of the top browning(around 8 minutes), I turned the oven down and followed directions. I also want to share that my oven is relatively new and bakes just fine. So two choices are left ….the method or the baker?

I will be trying this cheesecake again because I know with a few adjustments it could be really good.This cheesecake will be the first recipe entry in my “disastrous” section. I guess something had to be first…..but why did it have to be a cheesecake??


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