Comfort Zone

11 Feb

I’m not a fan of sharing things about myself or even writing, so starting this blog is definitely out of what I consider my comfort zone, but I believe it’s the best way to keep myself motivated to get this cookbook published. I also tend to play it safe when it comes to baking and cooking…..I pick things I’m used to making and know will have a good turnout. Today I’m going to try to step out at least a little and make Johnny Marzetti – something my husband remembers his dad making when he was younger. I’ve never heard of it before, but Tim remembers the basic parts of the dish and I’m sure with tons of recipe sites at my fingertips, I can fill in the gaps. I’m hoping this ends up on the good list. Wish me luck!

Update: This turned out great! My husband loved it and even though it wasn’t exactly like his dad used to make, it’s definitely a winner. Even Joey (my non red meat eater)  tried this and liked it, but it did end up being a little spicy for him. I’m also not really a meat eater, but I’ve decided to try a little of everything I make. I really liked it – it had a nice full flavor, but it wasn’t too heavy. If I had a choice, I would make it with veggie crumbles, but I’m afraid my husband would never forgive me.

This recipe is listed under THE GOOD.


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