Oh cake pops….it’s Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day…….what do I say? You come around once a year and are in our faces for weeks with all your romantic mushy gushy cards, candy and stuffed animals. We can’t escape you….you are everywhere! Because of you,  grown men carry around huge fluffy dogs that say “I Wuff You”  and perfectly sane mothers stay up all night decorating heart shaped cookies complete with the name of each child in their kids class. Why do we put ourselves through this?  But really, what’s the alternative? Ignoring this day? Pretending it doesn’t exist? Maybe, but then what excuse would I have to rescue a stray kitty, put a bow around his neck & surprise the kids with him(shhhh don’t tell). Yes, I’m afraid even I have been sucked in to the madness & have quite possibly lost my mind. I blame you Valentine’s Day.

But February 14th is good for one thing – baking. Today I’m trying something new – cake pops. I’ve wanted to try them for awhile, but today seems like the perfect day for round cake balls covered in pink chocolate & dipped in sprinkles. If only I hadn’t given up sugar…..yesterday!


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