4 Mar

Sugar vs Splenda. I have to admit that I’m piggybacking off my teenage daughter’s science experiment. She’s making two batches of chocolate chip cookies – one with Splenda & one made with regular sugar to see which bakes faster. I’m actually excited she’s doing this because I’ve wanted to play with different recipes to see what kind of difference Splenda makes. Each batch of cookies has the exact same ingredients(except the sugars), is mixed and prepared the same, & is put into the oven at the same time on the same baking sheet. Everything that can be controlled is being controlled.

The first thing I discovered was that the batches look very different. The Splenda batch looked thicker and more coarse. The sugar batch was creamier and softer.                           

The Splenda cookies have a cakelike texture and baked fluffier than the sugar. The sugar batch baked a bit faster, and came out thinner and more spread out.

Taste: To me there isn’t a big difference in taste. If you are looking for it you can detect which ones are Splenda by the slight aftertaste. I gave my husband each cookie to try without telling him which was which and he picked the ones made with sugar. He likes his cc cookies thinner and chewier. I prefer the Splenda batch because they are thicker and cakier. My daughter Mariah prefers the Splenda batch also because she likes the texture of them better.

I have to be honest, I thought the Splenda batch was going to bake faster and come out thinner or crispier. I will be trying this with some of my other recipes to see how much difference the change in sugar makes.


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