27 Mar

This is really the only appropriate title for this blog. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with finding the perfect cheesecake. Actually I know why…..around here if you want a cheesecake you go to my dad. He makes the best cheesecake around and I could never begin to replicate what he does. His cheesecakes are creamy and have a lighter texture to them.  I decided go the other way and try to find an awesome recipe for New York style. So I got online and searched and searched and found recipes that had ingredients that either I didn’t like or didn’t have. I ended up with a blend of several recipes. Perfect.

I threw my cream cheese and sugar in the mixer and set out to make my best cheesecake yet. If I had known what was going to happen I would have started drinking a lot earlier. A lot.

Everything was going according to plan…..the cheese was mixing well, the crust came together nicely and the homemade blueberry topping was thickening in ways I only dreamed of. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but it was good.

All the ingredients were well blended and I decided to try a spoonful. I tasted it and was so excited……finally a cheesecake that was the perfect blend of sweet and cheesy. And chewy?? Huh? I assumed it was because one of the ingredients didn’t mix well. So I turned the mixer back on for a few more minutes. Confident that this solved the problem, I tasted another spoonful. Seriously, what the hell is in there?? I looked into the batter and there it was – I had mixed a paper towel through my beautiful, perfect, creamy cheesecake batter!! I know what you are thinking…..what the hell is wrong with her? Well, that’s why I was thinking anyway. Who does this? Feeling ever so stupid, I decided to blame it on the cat. What do I do now? I just want to stress how much I hate throwing food away and how frugal (ok cheap) I am. I removed as much of it as I could and decided to bake it. Don’t judge me.

I wish I could say that baking a paper towel into this cheesecake was the worst part.

The actual baking of this cheesecake couldn’t have gone better…..it had a nice light golden top and you could just tell it was going to be good. I would like it to be a bit taller and more “New Yorky” but otherwise I wasn’t disappointed. After it was done baking, I chilled it overnight, put the blueberry glaze on and cut a slice. It was so good…..cheesy but not too dry, the blueberry glaze was a mix of sweet and tart and the graham cracker crust was just the right texture. Oh and there was no trace of the paper towel…..maybe I got it all or maybe it baked in. Either way I didn’t care. I finally made a cheesecake I could be proud of. What’s the problem you ask?

I just wish I had remembered to write the recipe down. F$%#!!

I can remember basically what I put in there but the amounts are a bit fuzzy. I was so focused on my paper towel disaster, keeping track of the recipe totally slipped my mind. I’ll upload the pic I took and hopefully some day I can recreate it.


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