Can we talk about Pinterest?

17 Apr

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of being terribly addicted, Pinterest is like crack. I really try to stay away from it, but it keeps pulling me back! The only way I can describe the site is like an online cork board where you pin stuff that you like to your boards.  You can have different boards and categorize them. It doesn’t sound addictive, but seriously I dare you to not get hooked!

I thought you had to be crafty or artsy to get anything out of the site, but really its for anyone. There are recipes, hairstyles, cleaning tips, places to travel, clothing, electronics, weight loss tips, etc etc etc.  You just type in what you are interested in and then get ready to look up at the clock 3 hours later with your ass numb wondering where all the time went.

I’ve found many recipes that I want to try and just inspiration for lots of stuff in general. Also, when you like a dessert for example, after you repin it you click on it and it will usually take you to a blog complete with recipe and pictures. It’s awesome.

For anyone interested and wants to follow me on Pinterest my user name is gel978.


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