I’m back….kinda.

27 Apr

I haven’t posted for a little while and its driving me crazy. I had some sort of flu bug invade my house over a week ago and it took my husband down first & then the rest of us in various ways one by one. I think its almost over ( I just knocked on wood – not taking any chances!) and I hope everything can get back to normal. While I was in quarantine (yes, I’m dramatic) I tried to keep up with the blogs I follow and the other day I got such a nice surprise.

I was nominated by 2katjaskitchen for the Versatile Blog Award. I enjoy reading her blog and I was honored that she liked mine enough to nominate me. I will admit that I’ve never heard of the award before I looked it up but I was just excited that someone reads what I write!

So thank you 2katjaskitchen for nominating me and reading my blog! I will be writing another post today with nominations for my favorite blogs and also the 7 things about myself. As this takes a bit of concentration and brain power, I need at least 2 cups of coffee first.


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