Why you don’t buy a refrigerator online.

2 May

Ok most of you probably know better and usually I do too, but I really needed a new fridge. Well, maybe not need in the most urgent way, but definitely want. The refrigerator I have now is small and slowly falling apart. The racks on the side are broken so things keep falling out and the freezer is so small we have to jam things in and pray the door shuts. Normally I would ignore these things, but ever since I started this blog and have been baking more I appreciate the need for more space.

Anyway, the hardest part (so I thought) was to convince my husband we needed something bigger. He agreed much faster than I anticipated so I was off to a good start. Unfortunately when I started looking, I learned side by side refrigerators, especially the width we needed, were freaking expensive. I decided to go a different route and look at an online outlet store. Searsoutlet.com to be exact. I’ve never bought something this big online, but i considered Sears to be a trusted name and since they offered a full warranty on their “scratch and dent” refrigerators what could go wrong? Turns out everything.

I picked out a fridge that fit the width and features we were looking for. It was in my price range, the picture looked good, and the only thing wrong with it was a scratch on the front and one on the side. I decided I could live with that and ordered it. It showed it would be delivered in 10 days and when it shipped I received a confirmation. So far so good. Then came “the” phone call. The warehouse called me the day before it was supposed to arrive to tell me that the fridge had been dropped on the semi and was beyond use or repair. She said the whole left side was completely caved in and damaged. F$%#!!

Ok that sucks but I thought maybe they would replace it with a similar fridge or give me a discount. I was so wrong. When I asked what my options were they said I could wait for a refund  (5-7 days) and order another one online, cancel the order all together or sign for the fridge and have it delivered. Um, what the hell do I want with a broken down beyond repair refrigerator??? I decided I didn’t like  these options so I talked to a manager who then tried to find me something in that price range and couldn’t so I decided to just take a refund and be done. I talked to him on a Monday and he said the money would be in my account that Friday. I gave it until yesterday (Tuesday) to allow for delays. Keep in mind they have had a large amount of my money since April 14th but I have no new fridge. It turns out they didn’t process it at all and when I called the guy (who was seriously drunk or high), he stated they weren’t even the ones who issue refunds. I was given another number to call and when I finally got a hold of them (after 15 minutes of lovely on hold music), I was apologized to profusely( like I care if they are sorry) and have been assured the money will be in my account in the next 5-7 days. Where have I heard that before??

So, if this has saved even one person who even remotely considered buying something from Sears Outlet I have done my job. Thanks for listening to me bitch. 🙂


2 Responses to “Why you don’t buy a refrigerator online.”

  1. Denise May 4, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    I feel your pain, I had ordered a dishwasher from them, drove several hours to go get it, and they had sold it to someone else even though I had paid for it, and it was removed from the website. The guy in the store didn’t bother to check its status before he sold it to someone else. Grrr. (they tried to sell me an el-cheapo as a substitute, since the price on the high end “outlet” model was so low too)No dice.

    • gelisgoodies May 5, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

      Isn’t it so frustrating? I will never order anything from them again…..a little customer service goes a long way!

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