Bored so I made some brownies….

8 May

ImageI had made a black bean cake a few days ago and that turned out good so I pushed my luck by trying brownies using black beans. I’m trying to be healthier and I’m constantly on the hunt for desserts with 150 calories or less per serving.

I used too many healthy substitutions in one recipe. I thought since my vegan chocolate cake tastes so good and uses vinegar instead of eggs that it would work for the brownies. How wrong I was. I also cut the sugar in half and added 2 tsp vanilla, and used less butter. They may have had a chance if I had used eggs and the full amount of sugar but its hard to tell.

These are disgusting…no, I need a stronger word – revolting.

First, the consistency is off – they are all squishy and mushy. It tastes like beans, baking soda and salt – omg they are bad! These brownies are everything you shouldn’t do when baking.

So there it is, I promised to share the bad with the good and I came through big time on this one! I will stick to only substituting one ingredient per recipe.

This doesn’t have to be a total loss though….I will leave one brownie for my husband as a test – if he reads my blog then he’s safe, but if not I guess this will be a hard lesson to learn 🙂


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