Time to make the cake…….and I’m afraid.

30 Aug

Its time to start the Dora cake for the party and I can’t find my doll cake pan anywhere (although, it might help to look) …..its probably just as well, it doesn’t work out half the time anyway. I know I can use a glass mixing bowl or my Kitchen Aid bowl, but I can’t shake this feeling of impending disaster. Also, the Dora doll came in the mail today and how do I put this…..well, she’s a little thick ( no judgement Dora….you look great :)) I’m used to using Barbies which are taller and thinner…..I’m worried that Dora will either split the cake open or fall over. I’m sure either will be entertaining. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to share. Otherwise, I’m going to proceed with my mixing bowl plan and hope for the best. Don’t worry, I will keep you guys updated as I go and maybe we will have another post for the Disaster section. Or maybe I will pull this off and it will be the best doll cake I’ve made yet…….yeah, that.


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