Dora Dress Up Trunk

3 Sep

Its Monday and the cake is over, the party is over, the actual birthday “celebration” is over & at 8:25 at night its finally time to relax. For about a minute!

The party went well and the waffle bar was a success. I stood there about an hour and a half making waffles, but it was worth it – the kids loved it! Abbey had a great time, loved her cake and got some really nice presents. I had so many different ideas for presents, but a couple months ago I had this idea in my head and I went from there. Abbey loves clothes and loves to play dress up. She didn’t have much, so I looked online at a few costume stores and put together a dress up “trunk” for her. I found some really cute costumes ranging from $4-$7 in the clearance section! I bought 6 costumes from, a Batgirl costume from, accessories from our local Flower Factory, 3 tutus and the Dorothy costume from a resale shop and a Dora organizer from

I like to know how much things cost so I will share what I paid in case anyone wants to do something similar.

Dora organizer – Amazon – $25 

Fairy princess dress, Olympic ice skater, Supergirl, Flapper, and sailor girl – – $35 (total with shipping)

Hats, necklaces, bracelets, wand, purses, boas, pom-pons, and giant pencil – Flower Factory – $26 total  Not sure if Flower Factory is anywhere else, but its kind of a craft warehouse

3 tutus, sparkly scarf and a Dorothy costume – local resale shop – $ 19

Batgirl costume – Amazon – $23

Total: $128 

Obviously product and store selection will vary in each area, but this gives a rough outline. This present was a success – Abbey loves it and I have fun dressing her up, taking pictures and playing.

These are the items for the trunk:













Finished present:




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