Time to save some money!!

5 Sep

The start of September always puts me in a “refreshing” mood. I often feel the need to do something new with my hair, paint a room, reorganize, etc. This September I’m finding myself in need of a new household budget…..exciting stuff right? I just received a water bill that is double what I usually pay and an electric bill that is through the roof! These things alone have motivated me to find ways to save money each month. And of course Christmas is just around the corner!

I can do the usual things: pack my husband’s lunch every day, comparison shop, eat out less, etc but I’m looking for new ways to save. Where do you go when you need ideas…..Pinterest! I found so many different ideas, but I’ve set my focus on trying home made deodorant and lotion today. Not that they necessarily cost me a lot of money a month, but If I can save a little money and make something without added chemicals then its a plus! I already have the coconut oil needed for the deodorant so all I need is cornstarch and baking soda. Plus, I really like the idea of setting homemade lotions and soaps out in decorative glass jars.

As always, I appreciate any input from you guys. If there are any tips, suggestions, comments, ways you save money, etc I would love to hear it! I will hopefully be back later with a successful attempt at my homemade products….with pictures of course!


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