Semi-Homemade Pumpkin Vanilla Body Wash

7 Sep

I wish you guys could smell this through the computer… smells like fall! I’m really into my “Suzie homemaker” phase and I thought I would make my own soap and body wash…..sounds easy right? Actually, its not really that hard…..the problem is finding the right balance between ingredients. My original reason for making some of my beauty products myself is not only because they can be really expensive in the stores, but because of the huge list of ingredients I can’t pronounce. Now, I realize that by starting with bar soap, it doesn’t eliminate all of the crap thats in them but I was afraid to start from complete scratch. I wanted to ease myself into it by having a base.

I tried 3 different soap recipes:

Irish Spring body wash

Pumpkin Vanilla Body Wash – made with Ivory Soap

Pumpkin Shea Butter bar soap

The only thing that came out the right way the first time is the bar soap……all I did was melt shea butter in the microwave, add pumpkin essential oil and then pour into soap mold. Easy peasy.

Both body washes are WAAAAAY too thick this morning when I checked on them (I made them last night). I need to add water to them today and hopefully they will turn out ok.

I’m showing pictures of my soap making process, but I will post the “recipes” after I’ve adjusted them to get them the right consistency.



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