None of your beeswax!!

11 Sep

Sorry, couldnt resist. First let me start off by saying that my teenage daughter is a chapstick addict……I don’t know what  she does with it but I’m constantly buying her more.  I can’t remember what kind she uses, but its shaped like a big egg and costs $3.00! To me, that is a ridiculous amount of money for a ball of chapstick that lasts less than a week…..especially when the dog eats it. I thought about buying her a cheaper kind, but her lips get really dry and some of it just doesn’t work. While I was looking though, I came across the Burt’s Bees products that are supposed to be natural and better for you. That’s great, but the problem is that one small tube of lip balm costs $3.50! With as much as my daughter goes through, that would be at least $15 a month….um, no thanks!

I had three choices – suck it up and pay for the good stuff, buy the cheap stuff that doesn’t work well, or make my own. I had no idea you could make your own lip balm, but after researching all this DIY beauty stuff I realized that not only can you make your own but you can make it cheaper and better than store bought. I of course consulted Pinterest and found one right away. It looked easy enough so I got on Amazon and ordered beeswax and then went to ebay for the little containers to put it in. You can find the original recipe I used here…..she has some really great ideas on her site.  You just melt beeswax, coconut oil and honey and then pour into containers. I tried this out yesterday and love it! I gave some to my daughter and told her to try it for a week and then let me know how she likes it……her initial thoughts were that it needs to be firmer, but it makes her lips feel soft. I like it because it only has 3 ingredients in it and tastes yummy!

This recipe uses a double boiler….I don’t have one so I filled a medium saucepan half way with water, and then set my 2 cup glass Pyrex measuring cup in it  and used that to melt the ingredients on medium. Mine came out really good, but next time I’m going to put a little more beeswax in it to get a firmer balm. Also, I used an organic honey that I think changed the texture a little so I may try regular honey to see if that helps. Oh and you may want to find a smaller container to pour the mixture into the jars… you can see, I made a bit of a mess with mine.


3 Responses to “None of your beeswax!!”

  1. susannachristensen September 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Looks so easy! I’ll have to try

    • gelisgoodies September 13, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

      You should definitely try it….a lot easier than I thought it would be and the balm works really well.


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    […] Lip Balm – I love this stuff! It works just as good or better than store bought and is so much cheaper! […]

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