$900 at grocery store every month!!!

18 Sep

How is this even possible?? I wanted to come up with a workable monthly budget for groceries so I went over my account to average what I’ve been spending a month….omg! I did a few months and they all come out between $900-$1000!  At first I thought it was so high because I added a month where we had a birthday for one of the kids, but no – this is every month! Guys, how are we doing this?? We live on one income and its not like we make a huge amount every month so how?? And what the hell are we buying??

Ok, I need to get a grip. I know some of you are asking yourselves how I didn’t know we were spending this much and I will tell you….denial! I do the bills every month and add the money we spend into the ledger but I don’t go back over it by the month to see the monthly total. That’s going to change…..I’m even embarrassed to post this but if I can help someone out in this process then I figured I needed to be honest.

I know a few things that need to change.

1. Stop shopping at the all inclusive stores like Walmart, etc – its way to easy to walk in for milk and come out $50 later.

2. Plan meals ahead of time instead of “winging” it every night and only buy whats on list

3. Comparison shop between local grocery stores and buy things on sale

4. Never ever ever send hungry husband to store….its always a disaster! In fact, maybe I shouldn’t send him at all…..that might make him too happy though:)

5. Buy larger quantities of things we use so I don’t have to go to the store as often


I really urge you guys to go through at least 4-5 months of your grocery bills…..you may be pleasantly surprised or totally horrified like me!! It really is the only way to get started on a decent budget that will work for you. For instance, if you are spending $500 a month now then maybe a $200 a month budget won’t be realistic. I’m going to start small and see if I can bring that grocery bill down at least a couple hundred a month!

As always, I encourage tips, comments, suggestions, etc. Ok, on my way to Pinterest to find some frugal meal plans so I can get some inspiration. I’m hoping to come up with a meal plan for at least a week and I will share recipes and post pics as soon as I do.


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