27 Sep

I woke up this morning and thought how good it would be to have a piece of the apple carrot cake with my coffee this morning……or a brownie. Oh yes, a nice warm chocolatey brownie dipped in coffee. Then I realized that I might have to write a weight loss book after this cookbook is finished and I just don’t have the motivation for that. So its time to get healthy. Um, well…..healthier.

This is what I decided to “eat” for breakfast this morning. Yes, I know its green but if you can get past that its really filling and yummy! I know I’ve posted one of these before, but its worth a second look


1 apple, cored and peeled – I used a granny smith

1 banana, sliced

soy milk – about 3/4 -1 cup – I used Silk Vanilla

spinach leaves – I stuffed as much as I could get in there


Throw it all in the blender and mix until smooth.  The possibilities are endless for this smoothie….you can put in some greek yogurt, or whey, different fruits and veggies and whatever milk you like. Have fun with it & if anyone wants to post a recipe and pic of their favorite smoothie, I would love to try it out!


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