Fried chicken that wasn’t

9 Oct

This chicken disaster is the exact reason I started this blog. I saw a picture of delicious looking golden brown fried chicken. I followed directions exactly and it did not go well! I’ve been on a pretty good streak with recipes lately, so I guess this was past due.  I promised that I would share the good with the bad and well, this is certainly the bad!

I did my research and looked up several recipes that all said to do the same thing: soak chicken thighs for a couple hours in milk seasoned with pepper and salt. Mix together flour and seasonings and then dredge the chicken through the flour. Put about an inch of oil in a skillet on medium high and fry chicken for 8 minutes each side.

The first thing that happened was that the chicken burned and turned black almost immediately….I had the burner set on 6. From there things just got worse…..the chicken not only burned but got rubbery and didn’t cook all the way through and then it all just turned to disgusting glop.

The picture really doesn’t do this mess justice – it was a disaster!! This was taken after I removed some of the blackened skin and tried to save it. It was beyond rescue.

Oh and here’s a tip: the best way to check if the oil is heated is to drop a piece of the coating in the oil and see if it begins to fry – NOT by sticking your finger in the bottom of the pan! Lesson learned.


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