Damn you Walmart!

8 Nov

Ok I need to bitch for awhile….its about Black Friday. I have a very love/hate relationship with this day. I mean, it really irritates me that one day a year these stores hold out this stupid sale like cheese in front of some very hungry(and often angry) mice. Its ridiculous that they lower the prices so much on this stuff that we just HAVE to leave our families right after Thanksgiving dinner to stand outside on a cold night in a line that wraps around the store.Twice. Ridiculous!! Then why do we do it?? To save $50 on something we probably weren’t going to buy in the first place? Or maybe its the feeling of accomplishment when you shove someone aside to grab the last iPod. I don’t know.

I’ve been able to resist this ritual for the last few years, but the stores have been releasing their ads early and its driving me crazy!! Logically I know that I probably won’t even get to buy the stuff I want because there will be so many people, but Walmart is selling a 40″ TV for under $200!! Do I need a TV?….no, but that’s besides the point. If it were just these big ticket items it wouldn’t be so bad because I really don’t need any of them so buying one even at a discount is pointless. But they have cute kids jammies for $4!! My kids always need pajamas and that’s one thing we get them every year. They also have some board games for under $4, fleece zip ups for $6 and inexpensive toys my 2 yr old would love. Ugh, why did I look at the freaking ad! Because it was right in front of me on Facebook…..yes, its Facebook’s fault.

The question is should I go? When I can’t decide on something I usually do a pro/con list – most of the time in my head. Don’t laugh….it works. And yes I’m a dork.


– could be fun time spent with my teenage daughter

– save money on Christmas gifts

– helping out the economy 🙂

– would probably end up with a funny story to tell


– traffic and parking will be a nightmare

– angry pushy people

– leaving the warmth of my house to stand out in the cold

– crowds(I hate crowds!)

– store will probably run out of whatever I want before I get to it


I dont know…..what do you guys think? Should I go? Are you going?

Again, damn you Walmart for even making me have to decide!! Lets hope I can resist looking at anyone else’s ads!


2 Responses to “Damn you Walmart!”

  1. Bernice November 8, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    I do not go because I cannot deal with the crowds. Plus I cook for Thanksgiving and am too tired to even think about going out. I will shop online and often find some good deals on Black Friday. I can relax with a cup of tea and shop online with no crowds. 🙂 BTW I also create pros vs cons lists!

    • gelisgoodies November 8, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

      Shopping in my pjs with a huge cup of coffee sounds better than those crowds, but I never seem to find the same deals online. Either that, or they are sold out before I can even click! haha

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