My Trip

14 Nov

I don’t see myself baking anything before Thanksgiving….its way too hectic right now. I leave for Colorado to visit my mom in a couple days and I’M FREAKING OUT! Sorry, I’m a bit dramatic 🙂 Its been 12 years since I’ve seen my mom which is also the last time I stepped on a plane. My husband still has fingernail marks in his hands. This time I’m going without him….I’m not sure if I’m more scared to get on a plane or leave him with the kids for 5 days. Definitely the plane…..yep its the plane! I am going with my sister though so at least I will have another basket case sitting next to me…..maybe I will look less crazy.

Ok, now that I got that out, I’m really excited to go. I’m going to miss my kids and husband terribly but my mom lives in a beautiful little town and I’m looking forward to seeing the sights and spending time with her. I of course cannot travel without all my gadgets so I will be taking lots of pictures and updating on here as much as possible. My first post will more than likely be on the plane telling you guys how much I’m freaking out.

I will get back just in time for Thanksgiving and I’m making sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and pumpkin rolls(this time I will show the inside) so look for some new recipes soon.

Well, I can’t procrastinate anymore so I’m off to pack. I wonder if I can sneak some travel size Jack Daniels in my bag…


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