8 Dec

I just realized this is my 100th post and its about COFFEE!! I love coffee. Love. It.  I love it in a mug.I love it in a glass. I love it hot.I love it iced. I love it strong.I’ll drink it weak. I will even drink day old cold coffee if thats all thats around. I know its gross but I don’t care…..its coffee and I love it!  Now that you know how I feel about it we can move on.

For some reason I seem to kill coffee pots. I don’t know if its my water or overuse but I usually go through about two a year. Awhile ago I decided to try out the Keurig and I really  love it. My problem with coffee pots have always been that I only like the first cup of coffee and the rest of it seems to taste icky. So the Keurig is perfect because it tastes like the first cup each time. The only problem is that those pods are so expensive, especially with how much coffee I drink in a day. I thought I solved the problem when I bought the filter that allows me to put my own coffee in. It worked for awhile until the top of the filter broke and grounds started falling in my coffee. Yuck.

Yesterday my husband saw me make my coffee and spoon out the grounds from my cup and apparently it bothered him because he went to the store and picked me up some pods and also a french press. He’s a keeper. I’ve always wanted to try the french press but for some reason I can’t seem to wrap my head around how it works. I know that sounds weird, but I think its the plunger thing….it seems odd. Anyway, I’m about to use it  and I thought I would post about it in case there is anyone else who wants to try it out.


To make:

Boil water in either kettle, sauce pan or any other method you choose. Once water is done boiling, set aside for 2 minutes. Then pour a little water in press and coffee cup to warm up. Pour water out of press and put scoops of coffee into press. Like I said, I used ground coffee but if you have whole bean then grind it and scoop into press. I used 7 scoops in mine. Then  pour water to half way mark. Stir coffee. Let sit for 1 minute. Fill the rest of the way with water, put top on(but don’t push down on plunger) and let sit for 3 minutes. Push plunger down slowly and pour coffee into cup.

Ok so I just tried it out and…….I LOVE IT! The coffee is so rich and full flavored and this is using already ground cheap coffee from the store. I know it says to use whole bean and grind it but I didn’t have any on hand. Its a lot more simple than I thought and all you need is the coffee, press and water. I know that there are other ways of doing this but this is how I did it this morning and it came out great.



One Response to “Coffee!!”

  1. Denise December 8, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    French Press coffee is definitely a keeper! I traveled to China with a French Press, so we wouldn’t be without coffee for 2 weeks. (if you’re looking for cheap whole beans) I recommend World Market on Wednesdays. They have a coffee club where purchases are doubled on wed. and after so many you get a free bag.

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