My 1,000 lb TV stand

2 Jan

This is an update to my last post about painting my piano. I’m finally done with it and I painted my bedroom the dark plum color I fell in love with. I’m not done by any means but this is what I have so far.

My piano is horribly out of tune and will take too much money to fix so I thought painting it and making it a piece of furniture would help me not hate it. It did. I didn’t tape anything off or take the piano apart like most people would do….I figured it doesn’t work so whats the point. I just grabbed a can of paint I had left from my bathroom project, found a paint brush and got to work.

I then decided to use it as a makeshift TV stand since my old one was ugly and I’m not willing to buy a new one or go through the trouble of mounting it on the wall.

I picked up the lamp for $8 and spray painted an old gold frame blue and painted the glass with chalkboard paint.

So far, with the new comforter and sheets, (I will post pics when that part of the room is done), paint and lamp, the makeover to my room has cost me $102.00. I’m pretty ok with that.



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