Upping the crazy

31 Jan

I just realized its been almost three weeks since my last post. Lets see whats new in my life….I got a new puppy, painted the walls in the upstairs bathroom chalkboard and have decided to move rooms around in the house. There are five people in our house and everyone except one, are getting a different bedroom.

This is the layout we have now: Upstairs has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. My teenage daughter is in one room, my 8 yr old son is in 1 room and the other room is being used as a playroom. Then downstairs we have 2 bedrooms….my husband and I are in one room and my 2 yr old daughter is in the other.

New layout: Do away with the playroom and that would now be the parents bedroom. My teenager moves into where our bedroom was. My 2 yr old moves up where the teenager was. That leaves an empty room downstairs which will be turned into an office. Whew that sounds like a lot of work!! 

I also need to get a twin bed and new bedding for my 2 yr old, new bedding for my bedroom and I need to rip up carpet, paint my bedroom and office and maybe get a couple pieces of furniture. I’m going to attempt to do this on a very strict budget. Except for my duvet because I already kind of have it picked out 🙂 

This is Leonard…he gets along very well with our other puppy, Penny.



These are some before and almost after pics from my chalkboard bathroom project ….I’ve had a few people ask why chalkboard a bathroom and to that I say why not?

As you can see, I painted and then “seasoned” the walls with chalk and then cleared a spot to test out but I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of the walls all done. I will put that on my to do list.



The next pictures are ideas for my new bedroom. I’ve already decided I want the walls a dark gray – I picked out a color from Valspar….its called Gotham Gray. I also picked out a few duvet covers I like and I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it in on my favorite. I wonder if there will ever be a time where I’m not painting, moving or rearranging something. I hope not because I’m starting to think I enjoy it.












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