Sex & The Salad

I thought this would get your attention. This is the title of my dad’s cookbook which was  printed in November of 2009 and sold well locally. I’m in the process of getting it ready to publish on Amazon Kindle. My goal is to have it completely ready to go by September of this year.  What makes this cookbook different from the rest…..besides the title? First, there’s the author. Tom Beppler (Tommy B), is a bail bondsman-turned-baker who is known around here for his delicious cheesecakes & cappuccino muffins. The cookbook contains Tommy’s humorous and romantic stories of his younger days intertwined with beautiful artwork by national award winning artist, Judi Krew, and recipes submitted by many of  his friends. The recipes range from quick and easy, to complicated but worth it. I will also be adding a “special diet” section which will include some vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free & heart healthy recipes. For the next six months I will be testing recipes currently in the cookbook, and also finding new recipes which I will make, review & add pictures of.  I encourage you to “stop by”, take a look around and I welcome any comments, suggestions or advice.

You can read more about Sex & The Salad here:


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