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Aside 18 Dec

So it has been a really ridiculous amount of time since I’ve written anything on here and I don’t even have an excuse! I can’t say its because I don’t have any time because I found time to make my own tree skirt. Yes, I said make my own tree skirt. Never in a million years would I have thought those words would come out of my mouth, but here we are. I’ve also been crazy at the coffee shop getting ready for Christmas and making up lots of baskets and goodies to sell. Of course I will be providing pictures of all of this madness soon.

I need to finish wrapping christmas presents, bake and decorate cookies for teachers gifts, clean house from top to bottom, make up 20 more baskets for work, make a cake for my daughter’s 16th birthday(Christmas Eve), have a birthday party and I’m sure other stuff. I’m just now realizing I may need more than 5 or 6 days to get this all done. But hey, that’s what coffee is for right?

I will be back, hopefully very soon, with some pictures and maybe a tutorial on the tree skirt. 



Chocolate Spoons!

4 Dec

I’m making up some Christmas baskets this year to sell and I’m trying to come up with some cute ideas. I know for sure there will be a coffee mug, a bag of yummy coffee, and for sure some chocolate dipped spoons. You can use them to stir your coffee or hot chocolate or do like my 2 year old does and just eat it off the spoon.I used to make these years ago when I had the coffee shop and people really seemed to like them. I know that you can probably buy them at the craft stores but making them is less expensive and very easy.


What you need:

Spoons – either plastic, wooden or if you are doing something a bit fancier you can use a real spoon….maybe a small decorative one.

Chocolate to melt – I used both white chocolate and chocolate almond bark

Double boiler, or measuring cup and microwave or you can make your own double boiler like I do. I get a sauce pan, fill it half with water and then put a measuring cup in it. Then turn the burner to medium high and add the chocolate and keep stirring until melted.

Sprinkles, small candies or marshmallows(optional) – I didn’t use these with the batch I just made because I was just experimenting but the next batch will probably be made with some sort of candy.

The Method:

Melt the chocolate in which ever way you decide, dip the spoon until its coated, add candy or a swirl of other chocolate and lay on wax paper until dry. Then you can put a ribbon around and use them in baskets, gifts, etc.

I will show the final result when I’m all done and have some baskets made.