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Tangy Citrus Sandwich Cookies….about 100 of them

28 Jun

I made these cookies for a wedding as a favor this weekend and its the first time I’ve ever baked with citrus powders. I love them! They can take the place of zest in a recipe or you can just add it to cookies, cakes, icings, etc. In my opinion, it gives it a much more concentrated and flavorful taste than the zest.

I usually don’t follow recipes exactly, but I was handed a King Arthur Flour recipe and since I wasn’t familiar with these kinds of cookies or the powders, I figured I better do it the way it was written. Image

The first batch was ass. I always bake my cookies at a lower temp for longer, but this time I followed the directions and they came out too crispy. Instead of 375 for 7-8 minutes, I tried 6 minutes and it was perfect. You may have to adjust a bit depending on your oven. Once I made this adjustment, the other batches came out pretty good.

I made four different flavors – lemon, lime, orange and pineapple. This was very time consuming because you not only have to flavor your dough, but the coating and filling too and then try to keep them separated and coordinated. The four batches, which yielded a little over 100 cookies, took about three hours to make the dough, roll in sugar and bake. I put the cookies in separate air tight containers.  I then made up a big batch of the filling without adding any flavor and put it in the fridge overnight. Today I separated the filling into four different bowls, flavored each one and then iced the cookies and put together. This was by far the easiest step. Also, its a cream cheese filling so I chose to refrigerate the cookies in their containers.

The cookies came out very flavorful and they will be perfect for the garden wedding. I will definitely make these again, with my own adjustments and I am already finding uses for the powders that I haven’t even bought yet. I think each jar of powder is about $9.00 which seemed expensive to me at first, but you only add a few tbsp and even if you bake a lot, they should last for months.

I followed this recipe from the King Arthur flour site. If anyone else has any experience with citrus powders and have any suggestions of what I can make with them feel free to share!

My suggestions:

– Try baking for a minute less than recommended.

– Bake on parchment paper – much easier and no mess.

– Use a measuring tsp to make the dough balls

– I put the sugar and oil for the coating in a plastic ziplock sandwich bag and then put about 8-9 dough balls in and shook the bag. Much faster than rolling each one individually.

– If you are doing more than one flavor, put them in separate containers and mark them.

IMG_6293 IMG_6298