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My chalkboard paint obsession (before and after pics!!)

14 Sep

I jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon….then it ran me over, backed up and then ran me over again. My brain could not stop thinking of new ways for me to use this stuff! I’m taking a break from it because not only am I covered in this black mess, but if I don’t stop I will end up chalk boarding the refrigerator and I just can’t come back from that.

I kept seeing all these cute ideas with the chalkboard paint all over Pinterest but I was holding off trying it. Mostly because I didn’t think my kitchen would look good with it – I don’t have a pantry, my cupboards are plain and I didn’t have any glass jars. Then I got over it. My kitchen wasn’t going to look any better with me sitting there complaining so I bought some paint, found some glass jars at the dollar store and went to work. Let me give you a tip though -if you are going to fill your jars first and then paint them, please label the contents with something that won’t rub off easily. I recommend using post it notes. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way and my first batch of cookies were very salty!!

I started off by taping off a square on the jars and trying to get it perfect…..that lasted 3 seconds. I can’t stand taping and I didn’t want them to have exact edges anyway. I just grabbed a foam brush and started painting freehand. Much easier! I had to do 2-3 coats a jar and wait 24 hours before they were ready. I then took a piece of chalk and rubbed it on the whole area, wiped it off and then wrote the labels.

I can’t even believe I’m showing you guys the before picture…..the first picture is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in. Carpet on floor, sea foam green laminate counters, and “lovely” wood cabinets. This was right before I painted the cupboards so there is stuff just thrown everywhere.

The second picture is a couple years ago after I painted…..sorry about the messy counter, I couldn’t find any other pics right now, but you get the idea. I was trying to use baskets as food storage, but that ended up a disaster because everything would get thrown in them and it would be a mess.

The last picture was taken this morning…..I would like to say that I’m done, but I know myself and I’m sure this is just the beginning. And I may have painted a few other things….like the inside cabinets, and my oil & vinegar bottles, and well thats all for another day.

Total cost for the paint & jars : $26.00. Pretty good price for something that makes my kitchen look better and eliminates bags of flour falling out of the cupboard….not that I know anything about that. Some of the stuff I had and some of it I got at the thrift store and dollar store.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to draw on that area under the cupboards where the jars are but I’m sure I will think of something:)


I made 167 oz of Pumpkin Spice body wash for around $1.90!!!

8 Sep

Its finally done! It has taken me the last 2 days of playing around with it, but the pumpkin body wash is finally done!




















I didn’t expect it to make so much so I had to find some empty bottles to put it in.




Here’s what I used – If you are someone who needs exact measurements don’t read any further because I don’t use them!

3 bars Ivory Soap

Huge ass amounts of water

About 20 drops pumpkin essential oil

About 10 drops vanilla essential oil


Boil about 2 gallons of water…..I used a big stock pot. Reduce heat to medium for about 10 minutes. Grate bars of soap and add into hot water and STIR STIR STIR!!! I can’t stress enough how much you need to stir. Its going to be really really watery – don’t panic, its supposed to look like that. After every bit of soap is dissolved and mixed in, remove from heat. Let cool and pour into containers to cool. I used mason jars. After mixture is cooled, you can add whatever scented essential oil you like and mix it in. I thought pumpkin & vanilla would be good since we are getting into fall.

I’ve never even heard of essential oils before, but apparently you can do so much with them. I found mine at my local craft store for about $4 a bottle.

Let body wash cool in containers overnight. By morning, your body wash should be ready!


Now for my tips – I’m only giving tips because I had the worst time with the original recipe I found online. Every soap is different and the amount of water you need varies greatly!

For example the recipe I found was for Dove soap (I used Ivory since it was on sale for $.30/bar) . It was 3 bars grated soap & 6 cups water. This resulted in containers of hard smooshy glop. I then poured all the mixture back into the stock pot, put on medium heat and added a ton more water. You didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t measure did you? I stirred it up and then let it sit overnight again. It was better but had a “snotty” consistency. I poured some of it into my mixing bowl and ran it under the beaters for a few minutes. This helped get it all mixed up and a better consistency. Its a little foamy, but settling down.

So, if your mixture is too thick, add small amounts of hot water to it at a time to get it to a good consistency.

If the mixture is too thin, warm it up and add more grated soap.


I know some of you are sitting there asking yourselves if its really worth it to go through all this for body wash? For me, absolutely! I have a family of 5 and we are a 1 income household so anywhere I can save money I will.


This cost me under $2.00  to make 167 oz of body wash. I pay $8.98 for 70 oz at the store.  To me, that kind of savings is worth it!


I’m still trying to get my Irish Spring batch the right consistency, but once that’s done I won’t have to buy body wash for my family for a really long time!