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My first week at The Loco Bean

12 Jul

I don’t think I will ever have to say “I’m bored” ever again. This week has been so crazy and busy that I have literally been falling in bed every night and passing out from exhaustion…..but I love it! Its so exciting and scary at the same time to start a new business but I love setting things up the way I want. I opened the coffee shop officially this last Tuesday and I already have regular customers! Its been fun meeting new people every day and creating fun new drinks to try out. 

Some of the best drinks and desserts are created from mistakes and accidents and we’ve definitely had a few of those. Yesterday instead of house coffee, we put Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee in a mocha frappe and it was so good that we are adding it to the menu. 

I also forgot how much I loved working downtown and I’m so glad to be back there again. There is never a dull moment and I work in front of huge windows so I get to watch and see everything going on. 

My favorite compliment today was when a woman ordered an iced mocha and said she loved it and it was better than where she usually gets it from. I hope each week can be like this one and that we continue to meet new customers so we can stick around for awhile!  

When things settle down a little, I will be posting from the coffee shop and taking pictures of drinks I create and hopefully some new desserts also. I’m thinking the color of the place is a little too calm for my liking so my next post will probably be pictures of the new paint…..because I had too much extra time on my hands 😉


Low Calorie Mocha Frappuccino Alternative

7 Apr

I was in line at Starbucks the other day ordering my usual iced green tea and while I was waiting at the counter I heard the lady in front of me get a raspberry green tea frappuccino. So of course the next day I ordered thinking it can’t be too bad if I get it with soy and no whip. UM, WRONG! I looked it up and it’s freaking 420 calories!! This led me to my own kitchen to try to come up with a lighter drink that still tasted good. I would have liked to use green tea, but I don’t have any powder so I went for a coffee and chocolate – can’t go wrong there!

I came up with a mocha frappuccino type drink that contains about 130 calories for a 20 oz.


1 1/2 cups brewed coffee, really strong

1 cup vanilla Silk soy milk (or skim or 2 %)

5 tsp no calorie sweetener

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder


whipped cream (I use whipped topping – 25 calories per 2 tbsp)

Put all ingredients (except whipped cream) in blender and blend on high until desired consistency. Top with whipped and enjoy!

You may have to adjust some of the amounts to come up with something that suits your tastes, but this is a great alternative to a sugary, calorie filled frappuccino.