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Porch Before and Afters

13 Jun

















Omg the before is so so bad! And of course the kids had to work their way into the after. 🙂

All I did was put a coat of paint on, add some flowers and moved a shelf because I thought it would look pretty good outside. All together the total cost was about $100. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve killed half those flowers already, but thats for another post. Next project: Paint the deck red!




What a difference a coat of paint makes!

17 Apr

For those who know me or have followed me for awhile, know that I’m kind of addicted to painting. The feeling I get when I transform something blah or yucky looking is awesome, so I try to do it as often as I can. I’ve painted about every room in my house so it was time to take it outside….it definitely needed it!

I started with my deck on the back of the house and then decided the back door needed help. I paint this stupid deck every freaking year! With the wear and tear from the dogs, people walking on the steps and the salt and snow it looks awful come spring. This year was a bit of a challenge to keep the dogs of the porch since they are both active puppies and they can pretty much jump over or climb under any barrier I put in place. They are lucky they are so damn cute.

I didn’t like the color green I painted the deck last year so I had to figure out a new one, but it had to be in the green family since thats what color the garage door and side door are. I went to the store, found one I liked and brought it home. Apparently I’m getting better at this stuff because I picked out the exact color of the outside doors.

I started with the deck….which is a pain in the ass with all the slat things and railing. Then I moved onto the door that my one husky/shepard loves to scratch, jump on and basically try to tear apart.  I’ve never painted an exterior door before and am way too lazy to take it off the hinges so I just opened it, painted it and let it dry. Much easier!

The paint cost me $22 and I already had a paintbrush, roller and tray so I’m pretty happy with how thrifty this ended up being.


Project Mania

11 Jan

I know this will come as a surprise…..I’m painting again. I think I actually have an addiction to paint …or color….or change. I’m the most happy when I have lots going on and a project to work on. I’m very dangerous when I’m bored.

Today I’m painting the downstairs hallway and possibly the upstairs bathroom. We all know how I hate neutrals and white walls so for this project I chose a dark navy blue. Dark. The color is Midnight Dream by Behr.

After this its on to my playroom project. I have about 500 ideas on paint, what to get rid of, how to arrange, furniture, etc. Hopefully I can focus and narrow down to get it done in a reasonable amount of time. Its not really my fault though…..who’s fault is it? Well, Pinterest of course! There are so many great ideas on there that I really need to stop looking!

I did buy some unsanded tile grout ….I’m thinking of making my own chalkboard paint. If it works, I will probably come back here with pictures of how I chalkboarded my entire house. Don’t laugh…its a very real possibility. My friend Tonia and I were passing ideas back and forth and she said I should paint my 2 yr old daughter’s room with pink chalkboard paint. So that’s happening.

Oh and someone should probably talk me out of doing a lego wall in the playroom. The cost alone will probably stop me, but just in case I may need a sane person to talk me down from the ledge. It is literally a wall where you cover it entirely with lego base plates and the kids can build on it. The other walls would be chalkboard. The seating would be bean bag chairs and maybe a futon. Ok, I need to calm down. But seriously though, how cool does that sound?

Just in case anyone wants to jump aboard the crazy, here are some pictures that I’m using as inspiration:

The first one I found on: http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/17/and-the-first-facebook-ipo-hackathon-photos-roll-in/hackathon-lego-wall/                 & the other two are from Pinterest




My 1,000 lb TV stand

2 Jan

This is an update to my last post about painting my piano. I’m finally done with it and I painted my bedroom the dark plum color I fell in love with. I’m not done by any means but this is what I have so far.

My piano is horribly out of tune and will take too much money to fix so I thought painting it and making it a piece of furniture would help me not hate it. It did. I didn’t tape anything off or take the piano apart like most people would do….I figured it doesn’t work so whats the point. I just grabbed a can of paint I had left from my bathroom project, found a paint brush and got to work.

I then decided to use it as a makeshift TV stand since my old one was ugly and I’m not willing to buy a new one or go through the trouble of mounting it on the wall.

I picked up the lamp for $8 and spray painted an old gold frame blue and painted the glass with chalkboard paint.

So far, with the new comforter and sheets, (I will post pics when that part of the room is done), paint and lamp, the makeover to my room has cost me $102.00. I’m pretty ok with that.


Go bold or get out….

28 Dec

Christmas was really great at my house this year….we did lots of family stuff, I got most everything done that I wanted to and the kids loved their gifts. I really wish it could last longer, but I guess its time to move on to other things.

I’m not sure if I shared this on here or not but my puppy/shark ate my down comforter and as if that wasn’t bad enough she ate my duvet cover that went over it. My Pottery Barn duvet cover. My I-never-buy-anything-really-expensive-for-myself-but-decided-to-splurge duvet cover. Oh and of course she ate a hole in the sheet and pillowcase. She’s lucky she’s so damn cute.

Anyway, my bedroom is a hot mess. Not messy, just a hot mess. The color on the walls is a weird pumpkiny orange, the bedding is all mismatched now and I have a gigantic 100 year old piano that is never leaving. Sounds inviting right?

I actually close my door now when people come over because it looks so bad(its on the first floor). Well, its almost the new year and I’m not going into it with my bedroom this way. Not that I’ve painted, cleaned and organized the kids bedrooms, I can finally start working in mine.

I like nice bold colors and funky themes…..I don’t get to really decorate the way I want to in most of the other rooms since its shared space, but my husband told me that I can do whatever I want to the bedroom. I said whatever? He said whatever. That’s all I needed to hear.

I ordered a new white down comforter for the bed and decided to repaint the room. I painted a dark plum on my daughter’s walls and fell in love with it so I’m thinking thats what I will do in my room. I’ve hated the piano ever since I’ve moved it in there but its not coming out. I can’t leave it the way it is so I decided to paint it. A bright funky green.

Here are some before and during pics of the piano project. When its all done my walls will be deep plum purple, the bedding and curtains will be bright white, & the piano is a bright green. I’m also thinking of painting some frames bright colors like turquoise, hot pink, and yellow and displaying them on the walls….maybe with chalkboards in them. I’m not sure, but I’m going for lots of color and funk.


Some cranberries, some paint, and a lot of cursing.

3 Dec

It took me a couple days but I finally finished the popcorn & cranberry garland for the tree. I have to say that I really love it and I guess it was worth bleeding fingers and hand cramps. I put it on the tree and it was exactly what was missing. It lasted exactly two days before the stupid dog decided that she would eat the popcorn off the strand and leave the cranberries….how nice of her. At least it was only half a strand and I can fix it, but its such a pain in the ass! I guess its my fault for making the tree edible.

Garland & finished tree:

With this project being done, I decided to move on to other ventures. I’ve been wanting to paint the kids rooms forever and I figured now would be a good time. Usually painting isn’t that big of a deal for me since I’ve got it down to a science, but I was a little worried about these rooms. Joey wanted red for his room and Mariah asked for a deep plum. Besides black, I can’t think of two more difficult colors to paint, but I wanted them to get the colors they liked so red & purple it is. Plus there really is nothing more blah to me than unpainted, eggshell colored walls…..the kids definitely inherited their love of color from me.

I started in Joey’s room first and was prepared to have to put on at least 4 coats of paint…..I painted my living room a dark red a few years ago and it was a nightmare! But I only ended up needing two coats and used only one can….bonus! I decided to skip the tape this time since it doesn’t really help me and I’m so glad I did….I used an angled brush and it looks so much better! The room is really really bright…..like, can’t close your eyes ever bright ,but it looks awesome! I still need to put his posters in frames and hang them up but I’m mostly done.

I decided to paint Mariah’s room this weekend too….I figured I was already covered in paint, why not add some more. Plus, it was long overdue….she’s turning 15 this month,and she outgrew her room years ago! After Joey’s room went so well I wasn’t worried about Mariah’s at all. For some reason, her room ended up being harder to cover. It was the same kind of paint, but maybe it was because its darker. Not sure, but thankfully I only needed one can with hers too and it is done! I love the color! This is what always happens….I paint a room, love the color and then want to paint all the rooms that color. There is something wrong with me for sure!

I have some before pictures and some “in process” pictures….I probably won’t have the actual afters until I get the rooms all organized and put together and who knows when that will be!

This is Joey’s room:

Mariah’s room: I painted the window panes and doors a nice bright white but I’m too lazy to go back up and take another picture.

My chalkboard paint obsession (before and after pics!!)

14 Sep

I jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon….then it ran me over, backed up and then ran me over again. My brain could not stop thinking of new ways for me to use this stuff! I’m taking a break from it because not only am I covered in this black mess, but if I don’t stop I will end up chalk boarding the refrigerator and I just can’t come back from that.

I kept seeing all these cute ideas with the chalkboard paint all over Pinterest but I was holding off trying it. Mostly because I didn’t think my kitchen would look good with it – I don’t have a pantry, my cupboards are plain and I didn’t have any glass jars. Then I got over it. My kitchen wasn’t going to look any better with me sitting there complaining so I bought some paint, found some glass jars at the dollar store and went to work. Let me give you a tip though -if you are going to fill your jars first and then paint them, please label the contents with something that won’t rub off easily. I recommend using post it notes. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way and my first batch of cookies were very salty!!

I started off by taping off a square on the jars and trying to get it perfect…..that lasted 3 seconds. I can’t stand taping and I didn’t want them to have exact edges anyway. I just grabbed a foam brush and started painting freehand. Much easier! I had to do 2-3 coats a jar and wait 24 hours before they were ready. I then took a piece of chalk and rubbed it on the whole area, wiped it off and then wrote the labels.

I can’t even believe I’m showing you guys the before picture…..the first picture is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in. Carpet on floor, sea foam green laminate counters, and “lovely” wood cabinets. This was right before I painted the cupboards so there is stuff just thrown everywhere.

The second picture is a couple years ago after I painted…..sorry about the messy counter, I couldn’t find any other pics right now, but you get the idea. I was trying to use baskets as food storage, but that ended up a disaster because everything would get thrown in them and it would be a mess.

The last picture was taken this morning…..I would like to say that I’m done, but I know myself and I’m sure this is just the beginning. And I may have painted a few other things….like the inside cabinets, and my oil & vinegar bottles, and well thats all for another day.

Total cost for the paint & jars : $26.00. Pretty good price for something that makes my kitchen look better and eliminates bags of flour falling out of the cupboard….not that I know anything about that. Some of the stuff I had and some of it I got at the thrift store and dollar store.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to draw on that area under the cupboards where the jars are but I’m sure I will think of something:)