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No sugar …30 days….join me won’t you?

9 Feb

Come on guys….misery loves company! I’m eliminating added sugar for the next 30 days and I’m actually on my way to the store to stock up on some healthier stuff to eat. If anyone wants to join me feel free to share your own experiences or I would welcome any good recipes. I will be posting different dinners, snacks, desserts, etc on here that don’t contain any added sugars. Sugar from fruit, milk, veggies are ok but anything that has the word sugar or any form of sugar in the ingredients is a no no. Oh and no artificial sweeteners (equal, Splenda, etc) or honey. Fun stuff guys…fun stuff.

I am horribly addicted to sugar and I’m hoping to break that in the next month and learn some healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. 


Here is a link to the challenge so you can join in too! 




Fried chicken that wasn’t

9 Oct

This chicken disaster is the exact reason I started this blog. I saw a picture of delicious looking golden brown fried chicken. I followed directions exactly and it did not go well! I’ve been on a pretty good streak with recipes lately, so I guess this was past due.  I promised that I would share the good with the bad and well, this is certainly the bad!

I did my research and looked up several recipes that all said to do the same thing: soak chicken thighs for a couple hours in milk seasoned with pepper and salt. Mix together flour and seasonings and then dredge the chicken through the flour. Put about an inch of oil in a skillet on medium high and fry chicken for 8 minutes each side.

The first thing that happened was that the chicken burned and turned black almost immediately….I had the burner set on 6. From there things just got worse…..the chicken not only burned but got rubbery and didn’t cook all the way through and then it all just turned to disgusting glop.

The picture really doesn’t do this mess justice – it was a disaster!! This was taken after I removed some of the blackened skin and tried to save it. It was beyond rescue.

Oh and here’s a tip: the best way to check if the oil is heated is to drop a piece of the coating in the oil and see if it begins to fry – NOT by sticking your finger in the bottom of the pan! Lesson learned.

A good cause

4 Oct

As I was scrolling through my Facebook , I saw this link from Deal Seeking Mom. A stay at home mom of 5 lost her husband and a group of bloggers came together to offer a collection of ebooks to help her out. For $5, you get books ranging from freezer cooking to homemade goodies to a guide of which books to read with your kids. I just downloaded it and there are some great recipes and tips I can’t wait to try out.

I can’t imagine what this family is going through, but if my $5 helps even a little bit then its worth it. For anyone else that wants to download these ebooks, go here and the link to Paypal is on the site.

I haven’t even begun looking through all of the books, but I clicked on the one titled Easy Homemade and I love it. Its like having a Pinterest collection of homemade goods all in one spot. Definitely worth the $5!


3 Oct

Cooking the last few weeks has been really fun, but we’ve paid a price.  I can’t zip my jeans without using a hanger……yes people, its that bad. All of the breads, brownies, cookies and pastas have caught up with us. I say us, because my husband  is feeling the effects just as much as I am. He had a weigh in at work and lets just say that there will be no more bread making in the foreseeable future.

I’m not giving up on cooking though…..I just need to find healthier recipes to try out. As always, I’m open to suggestions so if anyone has a great recipe they want to share, feel free. I’m mostly looking for dinners and desserts, but anything is welcome. In the meantime I will be doing some research and coming up with some of my own.

Its too early for my winter weight!!

Braided Spaghetti Bread

25 Sep

When I was a kid  whenever I would eat spaghetti I would pile it on my bread and eat it like a sandwich. So delicious! As I was looking through Pinterest, I found a recipe that bakes spaghetti into the bread and I knew I had to try this.

Now, there is an easy way and then there is my way to do this. The original recipe I followed uses ready made bread dough and sauce in a jar.  I had already made sauce and froze it as part of my budget dinner plan so I used that. I didn’t have any ready made dough and figured it couldn’t be that hard to make my own….sometimes I wish I could go back and smack myself.

Its not that making bread is horribly difficult, but I had a hard time getting it to rise the right way. If you are used to making your own bread, this won’t be a problem for you.

Anyway, this is my attempt at braided spaghetti bread. It was really good…..In fact, I almost didn’t get a picture of it sliced because my husband kept going back for more. I will hopefully get the “recipe” posted for my spaghetti sauce by tomorrow ….its definitely worth the effort to make it.











Loaf of Bread Dough

About 1/2 box of spaghetti

Jar of Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese



Parmesan Cheese

I recommend that you go here (with step by step pics)if you want to see how to do this the easier way. Just a few tips….I’m sure she probably mentions these too:

1. I found it easier to mix the sauce and spaghetti together before putting it on the dough. Make sure you add plenty of sauce….you don’t want it drying out in the oven. My spaghetti was a bit too warm though and it made the dough a bit soggy…..so I would let it cool a bit before putting it on the dough.

2. I almost had a disaster because I rolled the dough onto my cutting board and then assembled the spaghetti bread and tried to move it…..big mistake. Big, big mistake. It took me, my husband, a cookie sheet and spatula to get it onto the pan. A few pieces were harmed in the process. I highly suggest you roll the dough onto parchment paper, assemble and then lift the bread with the paper to get on to the pan.

3. This was really fun to make and came out good despite my mistakes, so don’t try to be perfect with it.

Bad Ass Brownies

21 Sep

These brownies kick all my other brownies asses.

I was really uninspired today and when I was looking through some of the brownie recipes I had, I decided to play. I love adding cayenne pepper to cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. That combined with the cinnamon gives it a nice kick and keeps it from being that same old been-there-done-that brownie.

These are really good….spicy, fudgy and thick. They might not be for the kids, but would be perfect for the holidays or Superbowl parties or sneaking into a closet and eating by yourself.

Do yourself a favor and make these now.

Caliente Cayenne Brownie

3/4 cup cocoa

2 cups sugar

1 1/4 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp sea salt

4 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 cup vegetable oil

4 eggs, slightly beaten

1 tsp vanilla

1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350. Mix all dry ingredients together and then add the oil, eggs and vanilla. Stir in the chocolate chips. I made mine in a 8×8 because I wanted them to be thick, but they took about 50 minutes to bake and the edges are a bit dark. This would probably work with a 13×9…..start off at 30 minutes and check. Brownies are done when whatever you stick in them comes clean:) I love the thickness of my brownies so I may try cooking them at 325 for longer.

I do not fuss with sifting dry ingredients or adding them in bowl separate….and you don’t need a mixer of any kind for these. Just stir them by hand until they are well blended.

UPDATE: We went through the first batch so fast, I had to make them again. This time I baked them at 325 in my 8×8 pan for about 50 minutes and they came out perfect! I put tin foil around the edges for the last 15 minutes to avoid burning. My family is going crazy for these brownies. My teenage daughter took a bite and called them beautiful. My husband keeps telling me how great these are and sneaking back for more. I really need to stop eating these! But how good would they taste with a cup of hot coffee in the morning……I may have to put Jenny Craig on my speed dial.

Ok update to the update……the younger kids really wanted to try these so I gave them one today. I figured they would taste too different or too spicy, but I got raving reviews on them. These are officially my go-to brownies and will definitely make it to the cookbook.

I chose this post to be featured on One Good Thing By Jillee


South Beach recipes

22 May

I’ve been pretty sporadic lately with my posts and I don’t try out recipes nearly as often as I like, but I’m going to make a better effort. I’m on day 4 of the South Beach Diet(which I’m loving) so I will probably be posting some phase 1 recipes soon. I’ve been eating the same thing every day and it will probably get boring soon. And we all know what happens when your diet gets boring….or at least what happens to me. I’m going to try to avoid eating every carb known to man in one sitting by finding and trying a variety of foods.

I will definitely be adding a section in the cookbook for my favorite SB recipes because even if you aren’t following the diet, more veggies, protein and fiber in your life probably can’t hurt.

I was happy to see that I can still have something sweet – I just need to be more creative with it. Right now I’m craving a chocolate milkshake so I have a feeling my next post will be some sort of phase 1 modified yummy treat.

I’m thinking this week at some point I will try a veggie pizza with cauliflower crust – it could either be delicious or a total train wreck!

Feel free to share your favorite SB recipes!