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From blonde to red…..

20 Oct

I get bored….and not the “I don’t’ have anything to do” bored, but a restless and stuck in a rut bored. It usually happens around Sept – Oct when the summer is over and fall hits. Don’t get me wrong – fall is my favorite season, but it usually means I’m ready for a change. Sometimes I paint a room, or buy new clothes but more often than not I change my hair color. This is often met with a great big sigh from my husband. Not because he doesn’t like the new hair, but because he knows that I’m never really happy with what I end up with and then there are hours of recoloring, desperately washing with dish soap and maybe a few tears….mostly mine.  This time I was determined to avoid this. 

I decided to just go for it this time and go completely red. I thought about reddish with highlights but since I’m doing it myself I wanted to keep it simple. Well, as simple as dying blonde hair red can be. I went to Sally Beauty with some pictures and asked one of the girls that worked there for help. She looked with me and helped me pick out a color and developer, gave me some advice and then I went on my way. I came home, followed the directions and after a little while the color looked almost exactly the way I wanted it. When the time was up, I rinsed it out and dried it. I was VERY disappointed! It was the lightest strawberry blonde, but not in a good way. It had a pinkish tinge with lots of blonde still in it. I could have just lived with it until it came out or dyed blonde, but I was determined to have red.

I was thinking of going back to Sally’s but honestly I haven’t had great luck there the last couple times so I took my chances at the store. There weren’t very many choices for the red I was trying to achieve but I saw one that really caught my eye – Feria Deep Copper. Its hard to describe the exact color but its very drastic!  I put the color on and within a minute or two I knew it was going to be red!! When it was time, I washed it out and dried it and I believe my exact words were “holy shit!”  I was joking last night about looking like Ronald McDonald….ok its not THAT bright, but still.

It is taking me some time to get used to not being blonde. While the color isn’t where I want it to be right now, it definitely is a change! I washed it this morning and it faded a bit. I’m going to try to find a good shampoo for red hair and see how the color settles in the next week or two. I have a feeling I’m going to have to put another color on (closer to the color I had in mind) in the next couple of weeks. 

Ok enough chatter, here are the pictures:

The first is the before, the second is right after I dyed it and the third is this morning after I washed it. It also looks different depending on the lighting. I’m trying to find more of a gingery copper than a red if that makes any sense.