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Catching Up

11 Aug

Ahhhh Sunday morning! Its the only day I have a few rare quiet moments where i can sit and write without interruption. For a few minutes at least.

Update on a few things going on:

We took our first family camping trip and I loved it! Granted, we camped in a cabin not a tent but the cabin had no bathroom so that’s as close to “roughing it” as I get. I loved sitting around the fire with the kids and getting up in the morning without the help of my alarm clock to sit on the porch swing and drink coffee. It pretty much rained off and on for the two days we were there but we had a good time anyway. I’m looking forward to our next camping trip together. It was just the mini vacation I needed to spend some much needed quality time with the family and step away from the coffee shop for a second.


Speaking of coffee shop, it is doing pretty well. Not the masses of people I would like every day but its growing slow and steady…..and really that’s all you can ask for. I’m seeing a lot of regular customers along with some new faces each day. My signs are up on my window, my flyers are printed, coffee cards ready to hand out and I’m working on the other odds and ends. I’ve also ordered a few new syrups and sauces and I’m excited about creating some new drinks.

I’ve been asked if I’m going to carry pumpkin lattes soon…..at first I thought it was way too early, but then I realized that I’m not really one for following rules. I drink iced coffee in the winter, wear sweaters in the summer and start thinking about Christmas when June hits. So in answer to my customers, yes I will be doing pumpkin lattes maybe as early as this week. Or as soon as I can get my hands on some pumpkin syrup. If I’m feeling adventurous , I may even try to make some of my own. We will see.

Other than that, not much else going on. I can’t believe school starts in a couple weeks….I haven’t done any back to school shopping yet. I just don’t feel ready for summer to be over and I don’t feel ready to have a sophomore in high school, a 4th grader and one that will be in preschool very soon. Well, once she decides that using the potty is a good thing.

Ok i guess thats about as much time as the kids are giving me today. I will be creating a new blog for the coffee shop soon. I will use that blog to post new drink creations and anything coffee shop related. I will still keep this blog so you guys can still follow my random ramblings 😉


My day and a half in NYC

25 Jun

I really suck at keeping up this blog sometimes. I started writing about my mini trip with my husband to NYC about two weeks ago and never finished it or came back to it. At this point I don’t feel like pulling it back up and adding to it so I will just start a new post…..a much smaller one.

We had a great time and when we have more money and time to spend we are definitely going back! We stayed at a hotel in Astoria and I would love to have more time to go back and check out that area. It looked like there were lots of little shops, bars, stores, etc worth stopping into.

LaGuardia airport was much less crowded, confusing and crazy than I imagined it would be. In fact it was much easier to navigate than when I went to Colorado and had to deal with the Denver airport. It helped that the hotel provided a shuttle for us and we didn’t have to worry about getting a taxi.

We were pretty hungry when we got there so we found a place called Krave Cafe within walking distance. I really loved that place…..it had really big windows and was on the corner so I could watch what was going on outside without actually being out there. The service was great and the food was really good and inexpensive.

I rode a subway for the first time on this trip and I loved it! Actually it was one of the things I missed when I got home. I really wish we had something like that where we lived…..not to get around the city but maybe to travel to other cities. How great would it be to jump on the train and go out for the night, have a few drinks, maybe see a concert and then get back on the train for home. If whoever’s in charge of these things is reading this, can you work on that? Thanks.

Times Square was a madhouse! There was just so much to see, and so many people everywhere. We had fun but its somewhere I would only want to visit once. I’m more interested in checking out less touristy areas. I will say that the ToysRUs was amazing and we will have to take the kids. We could spend an entire afternoon in there.

Central Park was beautiful and enormous. We walked around there for an hour and barely scratched the surface. If I lived in NY I could image this is where you could find me and the kids on nice days.

On the advice of a friend, we checked out a place called Rudy’s Bar on 9th ave and I liked it. It was what I call a hole in the wall or dive bar, but in a good way. The beer was cheap and it was a nice place to take a break …..I didn’t take my picture with the pig or eat free hot dogs though. Maybe next time Rita 🙂

We basically walked and walked and walked, spent some much needed quality time together, took lots of pictures and saw some really great buildings, sights, etc. I really wish we would have had more time but I’m already planning another trip…..well, in my head but still.

There were many things I liked about NYC but the major attraction to me is that you can just get lost in the crowd. Where I live, you can’t take 5 steps any direction without getting the “up down” from someone who feels the need to be in your business. But there, no one cares what the hell you are wearing or doing which is a nice feeling. I also loved just people watching because there were so many interesting people, fashions, couples, etc to keep you interested for hours.

I only have a few pieces of advice for those of you who are going and never visited before. Keep in mind I visited once for a day and a half so this is the blind leading the blind.

– Wear comfortable shoes. My friend Angie suggested cute flats with gel inserts. Do that. Also, I carried flip flops with me because I had a feeling my feet would hurt by the end of the night. I was glad I did. If you do that, be careful on the subway!

– Don’t wear anything fussy that you will have to pull at, adjust, etc. We all want to look good, but this is not the time to put fashion before comfort. Wear something cute but that you would feel good walking 8 hours in.

– When crossing the street, do not be that idiot that thinks they are too awesome to wait for the signal. Just from what I witnessed, the taxi drivers will not hesitate to hit you. Seriously.

– I suggest taking the subway for travel…..its convenient, cheap and makes the most sense to me. Although, I have a really hard time with directions so if my husband wasn’t there guiding me I would probably still be lost.

– Have fun!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I just packed like a man….

7 Jun

I’m leaving for a weekend trip to NYC tomorrow and normally I would pack 5 different outfits because well, you never know what you are going to need. In fact, I do this all the time….every time I go somewhere my bag is so full the zipper is struggling to stay on. My husband on the other hand throws a t-shirt and some shorts in a bag and he’s ready. I then decided to think like a man when I packed.

I really didn’t want to check a bag for just the weekend so I tried to keep it as light as possible. My husband’s clothes, my clothes, camera, makeup bag, shoes and toiletries all fit in one small bag. I really have no idea how this happened…..I have to say I’m very impressed with myself.


Basically, I’m wearing the black shirt and capris on the plane so I don’t even need to pack anything for tomorrow and then I will probably just wear the same capris on Sunday with the blue shirt. I’m also bringing a tshirt and yoga pants for lounging at hotel and then a white cardigan that goes with both shirts just in case it gets chilly. I have a black pair of flats for walking around the city and I’m also putting my flip flops in my purse in case my feet start to hurt. I threw some jewelry in my makeup bag and my camera is fully charged…..I don’t even know myself right now.

Now allI have to do is get over my nervousness about flying and I will be good to go! I don’t have a set plan…..we have just decided to take the subway into the city from the hotel and wander around, see some sites, eat some good food, maybe meet some interesting people and have a great time. I will make sure to take lots of pictures 🙂Image

New York in a month…

3 May

Next month is my husband’s 40th birthday and I wanted to do something special with him. We never really had a honeymoon or celebrated our 10th anniversary and I didn’t really want another milestone to go by without marking the occasion. Plus, I’m really looking forward to having almost two days of just “us” time. So a few months ago, I bought plane tickets for NYC. I’ve never been there before and I knew that my husband would love to go. Unfortunately right after I bought the tickets, we got a $3000 bill from the mechanic which wiped out my trip money….and then some.

We are still going, but just on a more limited budget. The good thing is that our plane tickets and hotel room are taken care of so we just need to figure out food and entertainment. I looked up food and there are tons of food carts, little restaurants, etc that are budget friendly and  supposed to be really good. And I can’t go to New York without buying a hot dog from a truck or finding a place for great cheesecake.

I also found a site that sells  day passes at a reasonable rate and they are supposed to be good for many of the things we may want to see……museums, Empire State building, etc etc. We are going to be there less than two days so I’m planning on making the most of our time. When I get back there will likely be a post about visiting New York on an extreme budget and I’m sure there will also be a post about packing light for a two day trip. That will be a little harder for me than my husband, but I think I can handle it. I’m only taking one carry on so I have to fit my clothes, makeup, camera, and whatever else I will need in it. This also means I pack one(yes I said one!) outfit. I will already be wearing clothes for the first day so I just need something for our 2nd day. I’ve never packed without bringing tons of different outfits and shoes, just in case. 

If anyone lives in New York, visits there or is a pro at packing please chime in. I can use all the help and advice you have to offer. I would love to hear about great places to eat or visit or what I shouldn’t leave without seeing! I promise to take lots of pictures and will definitely post about all the places we visit. 

I’m really excited…..hopefully this month flies by!