I can’t possibly eat and review all of this food myself so I count on friends and family to help me out & give me their honest opinions. To give you an idea of where the reviews are coming from, I will give a little information on each of my most used critics.

My husband Tim –  He pretty much eats anything I put in front of him. He’s not too picky, but he has a bit of a sweet tooth and will give a more in depth opinion on my desserts.

My daughter Mariah – she’s 14 and is picky when it comes to food. She won’t eat many things like bananas or cheesecake because of their texture, but will devour anything chocolate.

My son Joey – he’s 7 and has become more open to trying new things. He doesn’t like red meat or anything with beans, but also is a sweet lover and is a fan of casseroles.

My daughter Abbey – she’s 17 months and can’t really give a review yet, but I couldn’t leave her out. She actually eats a wide range of foods and loves spinach smoothies so she’s my more adventurous eater.

Me -my tastes have changed in the last few years. I’ve become more open to different kinds of foods and prefer things that have full flavor and a bit of spice. I don’t really eat red meat and I’m not a fan of red pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce or gravy. I love coffee so you will see some recipes where I sneak a little in…oh and I love sweets(surprise, surprise).


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